The Definition Of Freedom Of Expression In Malaysia

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Freedom of expression means that a person is naturally free to express record or observe any idea, feeling thinking and observation, in a civilised or cultured style as permitted or admissible under the prevailing norm of law and ethic, custom in a given society at any time. Freedom of expression is defined as freedom of individual to communicate openly or to express his opinion freely without being withheld by any party. Prof Hashim Kamali stated that freedom of expression means the absence of restrain upon the ability of individual or groups to communicate their idea to others, subject to understanding that they do not in turn to force others into paying attention or that they do not violate other rights essential to dignity of the individual.
In Malaysia, the law of freedom of expression was stated in Federal Constitution. Article 10 of the Federal Constitution is a key terms of Part II of the Constitution. In general, Article 10 simply means the rules, regulations and restrictions of a Malaysian on the freedom of speech, assembly and association. As a citizen, we have the right to say whatever we want. We also have the rights to assembly peacefully and form associations. However, in Article 10 (2) (a) (b) (c), Constitution had clearly stated that the parliament has the right to impose restrictions.
By looking at the Federal Constitution, Malaysians do have the rights to enjoy the freedom of speech and expression as stated in the Article 10. However, the freedom is only
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