Essay On Integrity

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What exactly is integrity? Well according to the dictionary integrity is the qualifications of being honest and having strong moral principles and moral uprightness. Generally, it’s a personal choice to hold oneself to constant moral and ethical standards. Writing about integrity from different occupations changes the meaning of the definition entirely, whether you’re an engineer, political scientist, or computer system they all write from different standpoints or perspectives. as philosopher you would most likely define integrity as a particular way of acting or thinking where as someone from an economical background would write about integrity as financial institutions. As a marine I will write about integrity as doing the right thing not…show more content…
Since plagiarism is an ethic violation it has several different consequences. Plagiarism does go on your permanent record and most graduate colleges will not admit a student with plagiarism on their record therefore, being a complete career ender.
In the professional world plagiarism is barely seen, but that does not mean it does not happen. Plagiarism can be toxic to your career, making you step down, or even lose your job completely. Nobody would want a politician etc. taking someone else’s work and passing it as his own.
Academic wise it can also be career ending. For high school students it can be hard to find a college who will admit the student and allow them to apply for graduate school. For college students it creates a rough start on life making it very difficult to find a job with the education they have currently. The repercussions of plagiarism are never ending and unwelcoming to anyone looking into it. As for a legal standpoint the author can go as far as sue the person who plagiarized. Where this is normally seen in bigger cases such as medical, or political. With the legal side being brought up there is also the monetary side, where the author can request that he be compensated for the person taking their work. These fines are usually very
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