The Definition Of Leadership In The Movie Mulan

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The movie that I had chosen was Disney movie, Mulan. In this movie, Fa Mulan, as the only daughter in her family, she took the place of her father to participate in the war as a man without telling her family. In the barrack she show her ability of leadership and the soldiers had confidence towards her, hence, to follower her ideas. The definition of leadership is the capacity of an organization’s administration to set and accomplish goals, make immediate and conclusive move, perform better than competitors, as well as motivating others to perform better. (Anon., 2010) In the movie, Mulan’s leadership was portrayed through her actions in the movie. First of all, she planned to take her father’s place to be a soldier after she saw her father suffering from the body illness and her mother feels sorrowful that her husband has to return to the battlefield. Hence, she gave up her woman identity and be a man to fight for her family without announcing them. She cut off her hair which means a lot to the people in the past, and full armed that show her determination. Then, she manage to organize the scattered soldiers by proving herself. Mulan was first very weak in every training activities and was being make fun by others because of she is much weaker and does not have a strong body. Nevertheless, she prove that even she is weak in training, but she manage to get back the arrow from the high and tall stacks by her intelligence. Moreover, every soldiers was affected by her and
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