The Definition Of Society: The Universality Of Family

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The universality of family has always been accepted as a sound hypothesis in anthropology and sociology. The foundation of a society is family. The basic unit of society is made by a family, it is very unacceptable to live a happy life without family. For individuals and society, family is considered as a niche thing. The nuclear type of a family is the common one. Two adults of different genders along with two dependent children is known a nuclear type.
Murdock, the famous sociologist concluded that nuclear family is a universal human social grouping. The family is universal because it performs essential function necessary for survival and continuity. This also proves that the family works efficiently together and uses its resources effectively in society.
The family’s purpose for society is inseparable from its purpose for its individual members. The sexual function is a good example that the family serves both at the same time in the same way. The husband and wife have the right of sexual contact to each other and there are rules unwelcoming affairs in most societies. It also strengthens the family since sexual activities often unite husband and wife. The sexual function also contributes to steady society. The rules (which keep sexual activity within the family) preventthe effects on social order that would result if the ‘sex drive’ were allowed ‘free-play’. Thus the family provide control and expression of sexual drives.
Economic Corporation is another key part of the
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