The Definition Of Success In Allegory Of The Cave By Plato

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Allegory of the Cave by Plato can be applied to modern day society in many ways. The ideology of success in our society is responsible for dictating human thought that success is based on money and wealth. I believe that one is successful when a person achieves their desired goals and aims. Success is different for everyone. In our world, people usually associate success with either money, money, or money. Success shouldn’t be about how much money we earn, how good our job is, or how famous we are. It should be about our own personal goals and aims in life. I think everyone’s definition of success is different. For each individual, success is something that makes them feel proud. For example, someone can be successful if his/her passion was to travel and they make an impact on the world, and they end up achieving their goals that means that they had success. It doesn’t have to revolve around how good ones job is or what their salary is. The people who are responsible for this definition of success are everyone, including out parents. Everyone is so used to correlating success with money and good jobs that we incorporate it in our daily lives without even knowing. Our parents are partly responsible for the way our society thinks of success. They are the ones that nurture us and teach us our morals and values. For example, my parents also brought me up saying that being successful when I grow up means that I have a good job with a good salary. The implications are that

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