Definition Essay: What Is Success?

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What is Success? People have been taught to believe that the word success means attainment of power and wealth, but with closer scrutiny a different viewpoint develops. Success is a word that is used a lot throughout our society. Many perceive this word to mean money, status, fame and power, but if one looks up the meaning of the word, it is a little more complex than how society has a habit of defining it. Success seems to have more worth than initially assumed. Its meaning has more to do with how well something is done or how exceptional a task is completed. Success comes from accomplishments, such as running a first marathon or selling a product that was created for lots of money. Most importantly success has many features that stray away from the whole popular concept, such as ambition and drive, having a positive outlook, setting goals, working hard and making self-improvements. It is also about living a good and complete life. If one finds a way to live by getting things done in a timely manner and…show more content…
Someone that lives a lavish lifestyle looks more successful than a person without all the material possessions. It is easy for one to gage these belongings, but in the end, it only shows the financial value of that person’s life. It never focuses on their accomplishments or achievements. True success should not be classified in the value on monetary possessions. It is way beyond any material things and should be taught that it comes with hard work, ambition and dedication. The culture needs to shift on how success is viewed in different areas of life. It should be focused more on what it takes to accomplish these achievements rather than who has stuff to make them successful. If someone’s life achievement is linked to their accomplishments, one would be surprised at just how many wealthy people there are in the world. Material stuff does not always mean that one has
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