The Definition Of Sustainable Development

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Sustainable development has long existed, practiced and continuously studied to improve the balance between the environment, economy and social well-being simply because everything is inter-connected to each other in this universe. The most commonly cited definition of sustainable development was presented by the World Commission on Environment and Development in their 1987 report which stated,” Sustainable development is development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”(WCED, 1987). Its basic principle derives from economically sustainable system on the ability to produce goods or services without damaging agricultural or industrial production. While environmentally sustainable system must maintain a stable resources base by avoiding over exploitation for the sake of the ecosystem and of course achieving distributional equity, balancing social services such as health and education in term of socially sustainable system as according to Harris (2000). Figure 1: Concept of sustainable development (from Adams, Eric, Jerome Connor, John Ochsendorf, 2006)
Figure 1 above shows the famous three ‘pillars’ concepts of what seems the interconnection between economic, social and environmental in order to achieve sustainable development. The achievement of sustainable development is not only dependent upon the sustainability of the environment and its natural resources, but also on the level of economic
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