The Definition Of The American Dream

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The term, “American dream,” was first used by historian James Truslow Adams. James stated that the American dream was, “That dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for every man, with opportunity for each according to his ability or achievement.” Although the quote states a perfect definition of the American dream, this term can be interpreted in several ways. The American dream is reaching an objective believed to be unlikely to obtain, making a decision that could improve the lifestyle of future descendants, and setting goals that you want to accomplish.
One of the various definitions of the American dream is achieving a dream that before was seen as impossible or unlikely. People feel that some careers or dreams are impossible or unlikely to be completed. They
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For example, someones American dream could be to own a store, but since they don't know the language spoken, they quit, which might discourage them from continuing. It sometimes feels like everyone has an assigned role to play, and working against it is arduous. People that want to achieve their dream aren't taken seriously as a result of how they dress and where they live. Others might judge and mock for chasing an “unrealistic,” goal since they don't have money to afford their materials. Without access to support, their talent is often overlooked. Achieving the dream is still possible, but it will take more hard work. The American dream for those people is to achieve what others thought they couldn't reach and prove them wrong. For example, in “They live the dream” by Dan Rather, it says
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