The Definition Of Vocabulary In English Language

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Definition of Vocabulary
It is important to define the term vocabulary because it is the basic foundation in any language and through reviewing the literature, the researcher found the following definitions that share some similarities. Hornby (2000) in Oxford Advanced Learner‘s Dictionary of Current English states that vocabulary is all the words that someone knows or uses, the words that are typically used when talking about particular subject or a list of words with the explanation of their meanings in a book for learning foreign language. Saputra (2007) gives a comprehensive definition of vocabulary and describes it as all the words that are used in a language, have meanings and Also, the American Heritage Dictionary (2010) defines vocabulary
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Vocabulary is critical in learning a foreign language. In the words of Wikins (1972) "Without grammar very little can be conveyed. Without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed" (p.111).
Numerous investigators have emphasized on significance of vocabulary. In this way, Zimmerman (1997) states that, “vocabulary is the most important aspect of second language learning. The more you know the better chance to understand the language or make yourself understood (p.5).” Nation (2001,) emphasizes that, “second language learners need to know very large numbers of words. While this may be useful in the long term, it is not an essential short term goal (p. 9)". He also emphasized the efficiency of acquiring words and expressions with their translation in different ways such as flash cards and word lists. Students can comprehend an author's message just in the event that they know the meaning of the majority of the words utilized as a part of
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These include noticing, retrieval, and creative (generative) use. Noticing means to give attention to the vocabulary and be aware of it. This noticing has two important conditions which are motivation and interest of the learners. Retrieval means being able to recall the vocabulary from the memory during the task. Retrieval may be receptive as in listening and reading or productive as in speaking and writing. Generative use means using the vocabulary in new context with different meanings. It can also be receptive or

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