Character Analysis: Leave Better Than Found

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What is Wisdom? According to the Merriam Webster dictionary the definition of Wisdom is the ability to discern inner qualities and relationships. The author of Leave Better Than Found, Taylor Jansen, shares the lessons he has learned throughout his life. After surviving cancer he decided to write a book sharing his experiences in life. He believes we all can “live a life of purpose, significatiance, and happiness”. In his book Leave Better Than Found he explains the importance of positive mental attitude, random acts of kindness, productivity and procrastination just to name a few. We can all grow in wisdom if we are willing to work.
The biggest thing I took away from LBTF was PMA and it concepts. By having a PMA, or positive mental attitude, Taylor Jansen is telling us that we have to stay positive through the good times and the bad. He said that his grandfather coined the phrase after losing his leg due to diabetes. After losing his leg his grandfather kept his PMA and always stayed positive mentally even though he was going through a very rough time in his life. What I can take away from this is that I have to keep having a PMA even when life pushes me down. A way I can have a PMA is
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I think Taylor isn’t just referring to salesman but to everyone. Some people only think that statistics are the most important things in the world and there are some people who think that our personal experiences are important. He is also suggesting that we can’t just look at the surface of things, rather we must look deeper into the experiences that we have gained emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I have been guilty of focusing way to much on grades and not the mastery of the knowledge we are learning. Once I master the knowledge the grades will then flow in. Rather than focus on the the grades I will focus more on what we are doing that day and not worry about the

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