The Dehumanization Of Immigration Research

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Immigration is defined as the movement of people into a foreign country in a bid to become permanent residents and eventually become citizens through naturalization processes. The opposite flow of people is defined as emigration that is, going out of one’s native country and permanently settling in a foreign one. Immigration has been a crucial talking point in the American political scene throughout recent history. Legislators are looking to find appropriate measures that take care of the US labor demands while still ensuring border security by accommodating documented immigrants only. The debate is a heated one that is deeply rooted. Opposing camps argue, not only about policies but also about the politically correct term for undocumented immigrants. …show more content…

It also covers nonimmigrant visa out-stayers (, 2009). Opposing parties such as the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ), feel that this is a derogative term. It is mostly shortened to illegals in the media, what NAHJ terms as dehumanizing (, 2009). One of the crucial factors of the immigration debate in the US is the issue of sanctuary cities. There isn’t a specific legal term for sanctuary cities as yet. However, it is often used to refer to jurisdictions that ‘protect’ illegal aliens by limiting the extent of federal immigration law

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