The Democratic Republic Of Chile: The Country Of Chile

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The country of Chile has a population of about 18 million. Its largest city being its capital, is Santiago and its government is a Democratic Republic. Chile is a big tourist destination because of its unique sights and a combination of its culture, Topography, and its rich history.
Chile contains some of the world 's most unique areas. Its boundaries are long and very thin. From the North to the South it is almost three thousand miles. At its widest point, its width measures less than three hundred miles. To the East of its boundaries resides the Andes mountains and the country of Argentina. To the north is Bolivia and Peru and to the west sits beautiful Pacific Ocean(source #1).
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All very different, bit each having its own special beauty.
Agriculture is a very strong part of industry in Chile. “...And in the west, in the central valley, there are fertile plots of land that support a thriving agricultural industry(source # 1)”. Some of the main products include grapes, wheat, peaches, and timber. Chile’s farmlands are often very vast and grow their produce along rows that seem to stretch on for
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