The Deny Gooh Scandal

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Tonight we have a shocker folks! The Deny foundation, a charity organization that scams the innocent and rich, has recently been scammed! The president of the foundation has responded with rage calling us “liars” and “faking the facts”. We promise to only deliver the truth and our article today will tell only that! The president of the fake company is Deny Gooh, he is an unsuccessful, unfortunate business man turned notorious conman. Though no evidence has been found against him, many have claimed to have been scammed by him. The supposed thieves may be the victims of Deny Gooh, many of them own large businesses, or have many stocks. These people are very influential with the police force. He is quoted as saying, “I didn’t…show more content…
Our interview with many other private detectives gave us some insight on how to capture the criminal. Detective Cire states that “To get information out of a criminal, you have to make him talk without the criminal knowing that he talked at all.” The police have confirmed that they had interrogated Amme and tried using reverse psychology. Unfortunately they only confirmed that she had deposited money into the account. The suspect said to us that, “I didn’t do it so stop badgering me about it, you press scum.”. We did not get any other information on, or from her perspective. The police did confirm a definite location on where the criminal mastermind had hacked the secure account. It is 769 bumble street and breezy apartments, room 201. The police traced the connection back to the apartment soon after the crime was committed. The apartment has been searched and many items have gone to the evidence room for study. the supposed computer was also found. That concludes the report given to us by the…show more content…
The amount of money taken is proportionate to the amount given this week. I and the police are still taking down the many Deny Gooh foundation buildings for search for more evidence or records for the case. Though they did take the money, the two new business owners announced that they had some help from an “unknown” associate. Most of the money had been given to them with out the knowledge that it had been stolen from the foundation, and a large majority of the money had been taken by the unknown entity as a “fee”. They soon realized after seeing the news report on television that they had a problem. I discovered that they rented a I-haul truck and headed out to the Nevada to buy land for their new HQ. The police have accused none other than the infamous animal strangler Noel as the true criminal. I found out that Noel uses his money to buy many animals of many countries and strangle them. This is a very expensive hobby, and it is animal abuse. Noel has been detained by me, and is being interrogated by the police to confirm his involvement to the case. As it turns out he was the true perpetrator. I found that he stole most of the money and bought twenty cheetahs to strangle. He did not know that cheetahs are very dangerous animals and are very agile. Noel has many injuries from trying to strangle the animals. He managed to strangle 2 cheetahs. Consequently
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