The Depression And Depression: The Dangers Of Depression

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Depression is not something you could ever comprehend if you have not previously experienced it personally. It is one of the ugliest, most terrifying things to ever infect the human race, inflicting a death rate of about 43,000 people annually and 25 times more than that in attempts, it is a disease without a permanent cure, but with many temporary solutions. Depression is most comparable to being in a long tunnel; one without any light.. All you feel is dread and sorrow as certain death surely awaits no matter what happens. You are lost without a hope, you have nothing, you are nothing. All that exists in your life is dark, bleak, pointless, hopeless, or any variant of such. After all, what is the point in having a box of crayons if you cannot see the colours? They may as well all be black as void. Dark as night. Maybe even not exist at all? Many people describe depression as sadness, yet that vastly hackneyed word barely scrapes the surface. An iceberg if you would, from the surface, outside the dark world of the sea, it may not look very large. In reality, that iceberg could run miles deeper and wider under the surface than anyone from above could imagine. Whether you may be on a boat, a plane, on foot, it is all still the same in the end. All you can see is the tip. The surface of the situation, a sample if you would. It truly has no solution, no cure. Only knowledge yet to be comprehended. Tis like any other sickness, you don’t truly cure it, you just tap the needed

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