The Derogatory Concept Of Masterbation By Alan Soble

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In his essay, Alan Soble provides a conceptual analysis of the notion of masturbation by categorizing masturbation into solitary and mutual masturbation. He outlines the derogatory attitude of the society on masturbation throughout history. Even in today’s sexually enlightened society masturbation is still a sign of derogation. He describes in detail the difficulties that arise in properly defining masturbation on a conceptual level. He analyzes that the common notion of masturbation, a solitary private act of sexually pleasing by an individual does stand the close scrutiny. He portrays how the criterion of penetration as a distinction between masturbation and sexual acts fails the rational analysis. Other modified definitions of masturbation also run into trouble. He finally concludes, after giving many modifications of the original common sense definition of masturbation, that in truth most of our sexual acts are in essence masturbatory. He disagrees with some other philosophers like Goldman who think that masturbation is not even a sexual activity. He also illustrates that the claim that masturbation is sexual perversion is logically not sound. He then goes on to explain how even the modern and sexually liberal philosophers are not kind to the notion of masturbation. He concludes, somewhat ironically, that even in the face of such derogatory treatment masturbation has and will always remain a part of human sexuality.
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