The Destruction Of Jealousy In Shakespeare's Othello

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In Shakespeare's Othello, Iago plots Othello's destruction when he is passed over for a promotion. Iago tells Othello that Desdemona has been unfaithful to him and provides

circumstantial evidence for this. Othello becomes full of anger and jealousy and kills Desdemona. Othello later finds that Desdemona was not unfaithful and commits suicide. Jealousy appears many times in several characters of Othello. Jealousy leads to the ultimate downfall of several characters in Othello such as Roderigo, Othello, and Iago.

Roderigo shows jealousy throughout Othello, and is eventually killed by Iago, as a result. Roderigo is enlisted by Iago to help him in his plot to ruin Othello. Roderigo was a possible suitor for Desdemona until she married Othello
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He is overcome with jealousy when Iago tells him of Desdemona's unfaithfulness. Othello falls right into Iago's trap when he hears this news. Othello trusts Iago too much and becomes easily convinced of this accusation. All he can think about is getting revenge on Desdemona. Because of his jealousy, Othello is easily swayed into believing Iago's flimsy evidence. Once presented with this evidence, Othello becomes furious with Desdemona. He ultimately decides that Desdemona must die and makes no attempt to speak with her about the accusation. He says to Iago, "Get me some poison, Iago, this night. I'll not expostulate with her, / lest her body and beauty unprovide my mind again. This night, Iago!" (4.1.186-87). This clearly expresses his rage and jealousy once finally convinced of Desdemona's actions. Othello's mind is taken over by jealousy and he becomes irrational. He states, "I will chop her into messes! Cuckold me!" (4.1.182). In the end, he realizes that jealousy gets the best of him, although it is too…show more content…
His jealousy results in the death of almost all the characters in this play. Othello passes over Iago for a promotion and Iago becomes furious. Iago develops an elaborate plan that will eventually bring him revenge on Othello. He starts out by recruiting Roderigo to help him. They break the news to Brabantio that his daughter secretly married Othello. He says to Roderigo, "Call up her father / Rouse him. Make after him, poison his delight" (1.1.68-69). Iago's determination to bring down innocent people to get to Othello is displayed here. His next task is approaching Othello to tell him that Desdemona has been cheating on him with Cassio. Jealousy spreads to Othello as Iago's plan starts taking effect. To provide evidence for this accusation, Iago plants a handkerchief of Desdemona's in Cassio's house. Othello's anger and insecurity allow him to be persuaded very easily by this flimsy evidence that he believes proves Desdemona's guilt. In order for this plan to work out, Iago had to kill his wife, Cassio, and Roderigo. Much like Roderigo and Othello, Iago's'jealousy catches up with him and he is tortured to death for the murder of his

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