Slavery In Uncle Tom's Cabin By Stowe

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Similarly, Stowe makes use of the subject family and language to highlight the destruction of slavery by mentioning how Harris was separated from his mother. One may assume that going through life without a mother or the lack thereof a close female relative has a significant impact on a person's behavior because there is an absence of nurturing and protection that society expects women to perform. Therefore, describing the reaction of his mother once they were not sold together depicts the harsh reality of slavery and tap into audience’s emotions to understand that experience. The text states, “I saw my mother put up at sheriff’s sale, with her seven children… they were sold… one by one… she came and kneeled down before old Mas’r, and begged…show more content…
Stowe takes into consideration that since slave-based labor maintained the economy. It became necessary for her piece of work to generate an emotional effect on the audience. Emotion is a tool that writer’s exercise to tap into audience’s emotions to motivate an audience to act and relate to the speaker’s thoughts and positions. Stowe’s pathos skill of incorporating the subject of family and the descriptive language of Harris’s life experience illustrates the cruelties of slavery. The institution itself has no sympathy and mercy even if an African-American could pass as a Caucasian. An individual being born an African-American subject them being labeled the "other" or inferior to the assumed superior race. In order for Stowe to gain a collective effort to abolish slavery, targeting a male, female, and Christian audience required audience required emotion to relate to Harris. She needed the audience to detach the idea of this character being African-American and focus on the cruelties of slavery. Thus, speaking on the subject of being born with a father disowning their child or not having the opportunity to grow up with a mother does to some degree bring out a person’s emotions. Stowe successfully makes the audience understand that Harris probably didn’t want to run away or go undercover but it became his only option to survive slavery. Nonetheless, the bigger picture of racism has yet to be
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