My Life Elation

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The Elation of My Life John F. Kennedy once stated that “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction”. Purpose is what defines who I am, and direction determines how I will achieve this purpose. Purpose is not singular in this case. My purpose in life is to learn all I can in life as well as live as a christian apologetic. First and foremost, I will take the direction of physics and mathematics because of my extreme passion for those fields. Moreover Languages have always been a very strong interest for me and proved useful to me in many ways. On top of these aspects I love to maintain a strong musical ability as well as a physical fitness. But to wrap everything up the purpose that will create the strongest elation is…show more content…
The direction I chose to reach this has also created a name for me as well as affluence and prosperity. I pulled in all these aspects to help me serve my purpose to prove that I am someone. I was a slacking, lazy, and a give up kind of person prior to my junior year of high school, and I will never forget the change. I became a completely new person. I lived by a few codes that made me the respected, successful, well known man I will become. My first 2 codes are quotes. “Sometimes it is the people that no one can imagine anything from that do what no one can imagine”-Alan Turing and “I can do anything through Christ”-Philippians 4:13. These first 2 codes I took to heart the moment I heard them and accomplished substantially large amounts of work, whether it is in school, languages, health and fitness, music, or complete well roundedness. My next code I lived and still live by is show respect and be very slow to anger at all times no matter how difficult it is. This built my character and made me very discipline, but more than that was that I earned much more respect and became a role model for others. The last code I will mention is not the last code overall, but still a very important one. Try to understand anything and everything. I remember this aspect creating inspiration for me. I remember learning the beauty of art from Thomas Cole, and Van Gogh to Kandinsky and Botticelli. Not only did I learn art but I would learn languages, medicinal world, cultures, music, physics, mathematics, psychology, business, personal finance and many more. I remember becoming someone who fell in love with information and was always hungry to
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