The Devastating Effects Of Hurricane Katrina

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You 'd think some rain and wind wouldn 't be too bad, right? But when winds reach over 75 miles per hour and the rain keeps pouring for days this not so friendly storm is a hurricane. The U.S. Has faced many hits from these ferocious storms, but one of the most historical ones is hurricane Katrina.

Before Katrina hit on August 29th 2005, a tsunami nine months earlier on December 26th 2004 happened in the Indian Ocean. The tsunami hit many countries after an earthquake that happened 93 miles off the coast of Sumatra. Although Hawaii had the technology to warn the countries but it was too late and the tsunami hit. The tsunami took almost 300,000 people 's lives. People were devastated when they heard of the tsunami, but they became even more saddened when they heard of Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina was formed around the Bahamas on August 23, 2005. A
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The storm was thought to be a category 3 hurricane but grew to its highest rating of a category 5 hurricane, then back down to a category 3 until it diminished to a tropical storm. A category 3 has winds from 111 to 130 mph and a category 5 has winds from 155 mph and higher. The wind speed of Hurricane Katrina was about 175 mph, but went back down to a category 3 when it hit New Orleans. They had Satellites to help track the storm’s movements to tell when it was going to hit New Orleans. Kathleen Blanco, who was the Louisiana Governor at the time of Hurricane Katrina, held a press conference on August 27th with other officials to encourage people to evacuate the area. Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans two days after the conference which was on August 29th

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