The Deviant Behavior In 'Scarface'

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Scarface is a film that is loved by a lot of people even though the main star of the movie was a Cuban immigrant who sells drugs and kills people. Deviance is displayed throughout the film while you follow Tony “Scarface” Montana on his rise to power. Some of the deviant behavior that is displayed in the film would be drug use/selling, and murder. These behaviors are portrayed in a sympathetic light because you feel bad for the struggle Tony had come up from. The movie is unsympathetic when it came to Tony murdering his best friend when he finds out that he and Tony’s sister are together which leads to Tony’s sister trying to kill him. This gave me the idea that Tony is selfish and has no care in the world for others happiness except his own. At the beginning, Tony and his close friends have a job from a drug dealer named Frank Lopez that leads to the killing a former government employee to get their green card. Already the reader gets to see how bad Tony wants his rise to power by his willingness to kill someone for a green card so I assume that Tony will take the path of the deviant innovator because he has the desire to have the power and the only way to do so is by contributing to illegal activities. The movie gives the viewers the idea that Tony is someone who only wanted nothing but the best life for himself so I like the idea that they try to make you sympathize for his character, but as for Frank, not so much love was shown for him. After they successfully get the
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