The Devil And Tom Walker Analysis

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There are several similarities and differences between The Devil and Tom Walker and The Devil and Daniel Webster including the depiction of the devil, the role of religion, and the resolution. *paragraph* *topic*In both of these stories the devil was a dark man, he smiled after each deal to steal their souls was made, he was after each of their souls, and he previously took the souls of others(Irving, 1824, pages 3 and 4)(Benet, 1936, page 12). Both Jabez Stone and Tom Walker were not safe from the devil due to their religious status. The devil was able to make a deal with each of them because they did not have their religion to keep them safe from the devil(Irving, 1824, page 3)(Benet, 1936, page 12). In the end of each story the devil kept his promise and came to them expecting to take their souls, but…show more content…
After Tom Walker had worked for the devil, Tom became a violent churchgoer. He prayed aloud, which showed that he was not a humble person(Irving, 1824, page 8). Other church members were quiet prayers which showed that they were humble. Before he knew the devil, he was not religious, which made the devil able to take his soul(Irving, 1824, page 3). In the end Tom lost his battle against the Devil because he thought he could save himself, but he could not save himself from the devil(Irving, 1824, page 9). Along with his soul, the devil took all his money and everything under his name(Irving, 1824, page 10). The devil left no evidence to show that Tom ever existed to begin with. Because nothing on the earth matters in the end because it will all vanish, begin to focus on the important things in
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