The Devil And Tom Walker Analysis

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Author: Washington Irving Story: The Devil and Tom Walker Members: Diana Martinez, Diana Paz, Xochilt Ramirez Procedure: 1) file download as -> microsoft word; 2) save to documents 3) rename file 4) upload in your drive 5) share with your partners 6) Fill it in 1. Writer's Background: Irving was born in New York City on April 3,1783. He first apprenticed himself in a law office rather than going to college with his brothers. He rolled around the Hudson River Valley which was up north of New York. It was steeped in folklore and legends which served as inspiration for his later writings. The stories were heavily influenced by the German folktales. Novels, short stories, and poems replaced the sermons and manifestos . Romantic literature was personal, intense, and portrayed more emotion. America's preoccupation with freedom became a great source of motivation for Romantic writers as many were delighted in free expression and emotion without fear.…show more content…
The Writer's other works: “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow “ and “The Devil and Tom Walker “are similar because they both have the black figure and a tragic ending . In Sleepy Hollow it shows that a good person may never get a happy ending, while in “The Devil and Tom Walker “it shows that even a person who thinks they have escaped bad luck will always get what they deserve. “Rip Van Winkle “ and “The Devil and Tom Walker “ similar because of the marriage situation. In Rip Van Winkle the man VanWinkle is unhappy with his wife Dame, because of her constant criticism and in Tom Walker, Tom is happy to hear that his wife is dead because of their marriage problems which was constant fighting and caring for material things instead of each other.
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