The Devil And Tom Walker Compare And Contrast Essay

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Have you ever called something, one thing while your friend calls it another? Have you ever heard of the Devil being called Hell-Boy or Satan? In both of these stories the Devil is called Scratch. The supporting characters in “The Devil and Tom Walker”,written by Washington Irving, differ from the supporting characters in “The Devil and Daniel Webster”, written by Stephen Vincent Benet. First, let’s talk about the supporting characters. One of the supporting characters in “The Devil and Tom Walker” is Tom’s wife. When she found out that her husband wasn’t going to accept a deal with the Devil, she grabbed all of the valuables and went to the Devil. The author wrote, “Being of the same fearless temper as her husband, she set off for the old Indian fort towards the close of a summer’s day.”. Why did she do that? She was greedy. However, she wanted to…show more content…
In the first story, Tom becomes extremely religious. “...he always carried a small bible in his coat pocket”. He thought if he did that then the Devil couldn’t touch him. He was wrong. The author wrote, “Away went Tom Walker, dashing down the streets; his white cap bobbing up and down; his morning gown fluttering in the wind, and his steed striking fire out of the pavement at every bound.” Now in the second story Jabez stone asked Daniel Webster to take the Devil to court. The text says, “Aha! Said Daniel Webster with the veins standing out on his forehead. Then I stand on the Constitution! I demand a trial for my client!”Daniel Webster then took the Devil to court and won. The author wrote, ““And so you shall!” said Dan’l Webster, shaking him till his teeth rattled. “For you’ll sit right down at that table and draw up a document, promising never to bother Jabez Stone nor his heirs or assigns nor any other New Hampshireman till doomsday! For any hades we want to raise in this state, we can raise ourselves, without assistance from
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