The Devil And Tom Walker Essay

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The Devil and Tom Walker and The Devil and Daniel Webster are two stories based on poor men who made a deal with the Devil by selling their souls. In both of the stories, the Devil appeared as a shady and intimidating man who made them sign the contract in their blood. Both of the men soon realized that the deal was completely and utterly immoral. The men both try to turn to God in all ways possible to get away from the Devil and find a way out of the contract. After the men make the deals with the Devil, the stories take two completely different points of view. For example, the man from The Devil and Daniel Webster, Jabez, gained everything he could ever want but still managed to stay compassionate and respectful to everyone. Tom Walker from…show more content…
The Devil and Tom Walker had a very sad and truthful ending to it. The story talks about how the man spent his last days trying to turn to God in hope that God could save him from the Devil’s wrath. Then the story says that Tom Walker was seen being taken on the back of a black horse as the Devil came to collect and was never seen again. The sad truth that this the story is telling is that your actions affect how your life will turn out. Someone could have saved Tom Walker if he would have been more generous and respectful to the other people around him. Jabez, on the other hand, had a much more happy ending to The Devil and Daniel Webster. Jabez was very beloved man so when it came about time for the Devil to come and collect Jabez, he went to Daniel Webster, a lawyer and friend, for help. Daniel Webster was happy to help someone who was always nice to him and respected him. Daniel Webster was able to convince the jury to say the contract is invalid and saved Jabez. During this, he was also able to make the Devil agree to leave Marshfield and all of its people alone “until Doomsday comes.” Jabez was a beloved man in the community and Daniel Webster did not want to see him leave so he saved Jabez from the Devil. If Tom Walker were to have been more generous and humble, then he might have been able to gone to someone for help to save him from the
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