The Devil Baby In The Hull House

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People think the Devil Baby is real, because of the stories behind it, and the history of the Hull House as well. The Devil Baby was a baby that was said to have lived in the Hull House in Chicago. People say that they see the Devil Baby in the window of the Hull House. People say he still lives in the Hull House. They say he has pointed ears, hooves and claws. Others say that he doesn’t exist at all. There are plenty of different stories about the Devil Baby, but there are two that seem right. Here are the two different stories about the Devil Baby in Hull House. There are different stories about the Devil Baby (The Paranormal Guide). The first one is about an Italian women had a baby and her husband tore off the a holy picture of the Virgin Mary in the bedroom. Then man said that he would want…show more content…
The Hull House had a mixture of different thing. Such as clubs, cafeteria, nursery, libraries, kitchen, art studies, etc. Later on, the Hull House attracted a lot of people. Most of those people were women who wanted to help. The Hull House was a huge place that is still here in Chicago. The Hull House was also an orphanage, that is one of the reasons why they had left the Devil Baby there. Jane Addams ( and her Ellen Gates Starr made speeches about the needs our city needed and taking care of the children. The second year, they hosted about two thousand people per week. The Devil Baby was a baby who used to live in the Hull House and may still be living there. There are two different stories about the Devil Baby that do seem quite right. The paragraphs all talked about the two different stories and what we need to know about the Hull House. I had choose to do this topic because I wanted to know more about the Devil Baby. I also choose this topic because I was very interested when I saw this topic. I also choose this topic because I heard about this topic
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