The Devil In The White City Book Report

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The World fair was the engineering project of its time. It brought plenty of excitement and attention to itself, but it also brought crime. The problem is, even though everything seems fine with the fair, there were bad things still happening. Stealing, cheating, and in extreme cases even murder. Chicago was in charge of building the World’s fair, but ended up hosting a murderer in its walls. The Devil in the White City gives a unique glimpse into how there is both bad and good existing in the city. In my opinion the point of the book was to show how both good and bad coexist in one place. Sometimes with the knowledge of the other existing. The book was written by Erik Larson and published by first vintage books. Published almost 14 years ago the book is still relevant today and still has much to teach us. However, the most important thing it teaches is how good and bad exist together simultaneously. Within the first few chapters of the book it explains how Chicago is becoming crowded and many young women are now moving in.…show more content…
There were a few chosen spots like Jackson Park yet none were officially chosen. Eventually a spot for the fair was chosen and construction to then begin. What was happening to Holmes was he was courting his second wife without telling his second wife about the first wife. After a while the second wife moved in with her parents leaving Holmes by himself. Holmes then decided to build a hotel of sorts across the street from his pharmacy which happened to be right near where the fair was eventually going to be held. Holmes hired his workers, but then fired them before he had to pay them. Many sought their money, however Holmes had used a fake name when he built his hotel so nobody got their money. Not paying is something that should be considered bad. Finally choosing where the fair was going to be is something good that happened during the
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