The Devil In The White City Research Paper

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If you had to drop everything you had leave your life right now and go to pursue a better life, would you be able to do it? You would have to leave everything you have like your family, friends, and your job, to step out into an into an unknown world and start a new life. In the Devil in the White City, this was a thought that was running through many of the lower class and some middle class's mind looking for a new life or to trying to get money. There are many jobs that were available during the construction and during the fair like construction and cashiers or other positions for the stores in Chicago. Construction was one of the most important jobs/parts in the building of the fair so it was going to take a vast number of workers to be able…show more content…
During the construction and when the fair was open, there were millions of people in Chicago and they needed food, a place to sleep, and different things through out their stay. This was a much easier job than the construction workers and was mostly taken by women, so that meant there is a lot of targets for the evil wrath of H.H. Holmes. He would bait the younger women with his charming personality and his dashing looks and then made them think he was going to marry him. Once he got something out of them like land or money he would kill them. He used this trickery on at least 9 known people but he claims there were much more. Some people thought that he was pursuing his American dream, which is different from many other people's dream. The American Dream definition varies from person to person depending on who you ask. The people who were pursuing the American Dream in Chicago most likely wanted to start a new life in a big city. The Fair provided the perfect opportunity for the people to do so, with the needs for all the workers. I think that the World's Fair was the perfect opportunity to pursue the American
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