The Devil In The White City Sociology

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Crime is often found in every society. Why? Theorist argues that: crime occurs because members of society find it hard to comply with rules of behavior or they get a self-fulfillment breaking it. Crime/deviance can be an indication that an area needs attention. Also, it can bring about solidarity or togetherness in society. The Devil in the White City shows, that there is good, but there is also evil. Daniel Burnham portrayed the good. He brought dignity and positivity to Chicago, by building the World’s Fair at a point in time when the United States was in an economic depression. Crime was not Burnham’s thing. He used his knowledge to make Chicago a better place, and also had tremendous respect for authority. The World’s Fair brought in a…show more content…
Conflict theory argues that individuals and social classes within society have differing amounts of material resources. However, the more powerful groups use their power to exploit groups with less power or pay off people who were in power like the officers. Those who belonged to the upper class, highly educated or held some sort of position in the mechanical solidarity community, as a doctor or governor back in the days, were shown a lot of respect. Those people that held so much weight in society could have easily committed white collar, or elite crimes just like Holmes, and not be looked at for interrogation by the police department. Even in today’s society, people who are committing vicious crimes, killing their family members, friends, or strangers that belonged to a certain class are now being caught. In this modern period, technology has advanced, which makes it harder for criminals to get away with crimes. Also, inequality is being exposed, because people are fighting for equality in the justice…show more content…
As a matter of fact it does even come close with todays technology. Its even more interesting that, bodies were showing up missing, and skeletal frames were being sold to universities in Chicago, without any questioned being ask or interrogation by the law enforcement. Now days a drop of blood to the smallest hair follicle left at a crime scene can easily be linked to the murder. While back in the mid 1990s it would be hard to detect suspects with lack of physical evidence left at a crime scene. Since the mid 1990s it went from simple fingerprints, lie detections, crime labs, and manual fingerprints. As we gone further along in history we can now detect DNA, DNA from dental, saliva, cameras, and facial sketches. “DNA databases have been raised using arguments from biomedical ethics; these databases are used in a complete Different context from other biomedical tools. Because they are used in the struggle against crime, the decision to create or store cannot be left by the individual. Genetic profile Instead, this decision is made by officials of society.” Annemie Patyn and Kris Dierickx Shows the pivotal role evidence has on solving crimes. When an investigator can detect DNA evidence linked to the suspect it’s a high percentage rate that they will be charged with the crime. In Holmes situation he was able to get away with a lot of his crimes, because of the lack of evidence. Not only the lack of evidence,

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