The Devil In The White Police Analysis

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It was July 5, 2016 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A man named Alton Sterling was selling CD’s outside of the Triple S Food Market. A homeless man approached him and asked Alton for money. Alton showed the man his gun, and told the man to leave him alone. The men called 911, the police officers showed up, and soon after gunshots fired. Alton Sterling lay dead on the ground. He is not the first victim of police brutality. Innocent black people in America are being killed by police brutality, while the justice system can be biased towards these situations. In today’s society, you can scroll on social media, and watch a video of someone being attacked by police officers. These videos affect how people see the police. Some black people do not feel safe around the police. Kids do not trust cops, because they feel as though the cops will kill them. It is a police officer’s job to protect, but it has hard to feel protected when they are assaulting and killing people with the same skin tone as you. A song came out in 1988 called “F tha Police” by NWA, they rap about the cops mistreating them simply because they are black. Today, those…show more content…
Holmes is a blue eyed charming man who scams insurance companies for money to open up other businesses. He marries women then murders them so that he can collect their insurance money and properties. Holmes kills hundreds of young women and children for no reason, and for the longest gets away with it. This can allude to the police brutality incidents that keep happening in today’s world. The police kill unarmed people for no reason, similar to Holmes killing the women for no reason. The difference is that Holmes later got caught, and was sentenced to get hung. Most of the police officers who commit those crimes, get out free and don’t serve any time. In the end, both Holmes and the police officers took innocent lives for no apparent reason, and had no remorse about the
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