The Devil's Arithmetic Comparison Essay

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The Devil’s Arithmetic Compare/Contrast Essay The Devil’s Arithmetic teaches us many lessons throughout both forms of media. Each form however has a different lesson and develops them in different ways. The book differentiates from the movie in numerous ways. In both the book and the movie there are many similarities, but there are also differences. Each form of media develops their individual themes differently because that makes it easier for the viewers to understand and absorb. Jane Yolen wrote The Devil’s Arithmetic with the main theme about remembering what happened,sacrifices, and honoring those who died. Hannah Stern ,a 13 year old girl, is tired of remembering and doesn’t want to go to the Seder. Hannah faces a dream that seems…show more content…
To continue with the character differences, another main one is that in the book Hannah has a brother,Aaron, and Aunt Eva has a brother, Grandpa Will or Wolfe, who was with her in the camp. A somewhat minor difference is that Hannah is referred to as Hannah in both the dream and reality in the movie. In the book however, Hannah is referred to as Chaya in the dream and Hannah in reality. Not to mention that there was also more missing characters between the book and the movie. An example would be that there is no Gitl or Yitzchak in Hannah’s dream in the movie while there was in the book. In the book Hannah doesn’t meet Rivka until she reaches the camp, in the movie however when Hannah wakes up in the dream she is staying with Rivka and her mom ,Mina. Then Hannah learns Rivka is her cousin and Mina is her Aunt, in the book Rivka and Hannah aren’t related at all. Another difference is while Hannah is in the camp a woman gives birth to a girl. Then the commandant finds out and the Mother and Girl are chosen to die, Rivka’s Mom, Mina, is then chosen to go with them. In the book though, Rivka’s Mom is already dead once Hannah arrives, and no one gives birth. Furthermore, in the book Hannah doesn’t have a love interest, but in the movie Ariel asks Hannah out on a date and she accepts. In addition, Hannah also had different friends between the book and the movie. In the movie Hannah is friends with Esther and Rivka, but in the book Hannah is friends with Esther, Yentel, Rachel, Shifre, and Rivka. To move on, a major difference is that the book and the movie begin differently. In the book, the story begins with Hannah complaining about going to the Seder with her family. In the movie however, it begins with Hannah and her friends in a tattoo parlor. Another
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