The Devil's Arithmetic Literary Analysis

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The Devil’s Arithmetic is a story that takes place during the Holocaust. It is about suffering, tragedy, but also about hope and perseverance. In this story, Hannah/Chaya is the main character. It is about her life before she is transported to Poland 1942 and then during, while she is there. Both a movie and book have been made of this tale, but they are not both exactly the same. To begin with, The Devil’s Arithmetic was written by Jane Yolen and published in 1988. It is her original work in what she was trying to commemorate to others. Furthermore, a movie by the same title, The Devil’s Arithmetic, by Donna Deitch, which was released on March 28, 1999. These are two different types of media produced by two different people, so there is bound to be some differences between the two. On the contrary, they are also very similar in how they tell the story and represent most of the characters. They both include the central idea and overall mood that the original author, Jane Yolen, was trying to get across to the readers and viewers. Likewise, the characters are somewhat similar in both mediums. The main protagonist may be called by different names, but she is still the same person living the same story. Another character that stays the same is Rivka, who is the one that…show more content…
Even though they are not completely true to what Jane Yolen initially intended, I would still recommend both the book and the movie to anyone who was interested in learning more about that time and era. They are great examples of what really happened, and even as gruesome as they are they really do a great job in teaching and informing the public. If I had to choose a favorite, I would choose the book, only because it is more specific and truer to what Jane Yolen really intended. Each of these are an immensely wonderful and informative way to introduce people to the horrors and help people to want to
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