The Devil's Arithmetic Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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In both the book and the movie The Devil’s Arithmetic, there are many similarities and differences. The characters, setting, and theme may be similar, but they may be completely different. There is an ample amount of people who want to forget about the Holocaust, and some people bluntly claim that it never happened. Although the numbers of those who lived through the Holocaust are diminishing, those few survivors who were unwillingly thrown into a place where they were despised, prejudiced, and dehumanized put those atrocious claims to rest. These brave souls assist in reminding us of what happened so long ago. The dwindling numbers of people who survived the near-impossible tell their heart-wrenching accounts of the massacre they witnessed. The Devil’s Arithmetic shows why remembrance is very important for posterity.

In a brief summary of the book, there is a family with a Jewish background and a daughter named Hannah. She doesn’t like going to any of her family’s Jewish holiday commemoration and she is tired of remembering what happened during the Holocaust. So when she and her family arrive in the Bronx with the rest of their relatives, she wishes she wasn’t there. Then, after a while of festivities, she “selflessly” gives up all of her
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For one, most of the characters are same. The main characters, like Hannah and Rivka, are shown in both genres. Most of Hannah’s family is identical; Aunt Eva, her mother and father, and so on. The characters on Chaya’s side are there, as well; Rivka, Shmuel, Esther, and so on. Secondly, the plot in both the movie and book match; opening the door for Elijah, Hannah’s “time-travel” experience, the Nazis intruding on the wedding, and so forth. There are more matching events in both the story and film. Lastly, the theme of these two pieces are the same; to remember what happened before, during, and after the Holocaust, and to pass on the memories of these
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