The Devil's Arithmetic Movie And Book Comparison

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Between the book and the movie, there are multiple similarities to the story of The Devil 's Arithmetic. Nevertheless there were a plethora of differences. The themes, and the suffering portrayed are a couple of the similarities between the movie and the novel. On the other hand the characters and the events have differed in large amounts of ways from the original to the production. In the two stories there are teeming ideas that correlate in the same way, and others that are complete opposites. The Devil’s Arithmetic book by Jane Yolen, and The Devil’s Arithmetic the movie produced in 1999, lead by Dustin Hoffman, is about a young Jewish girl named Hannah. While at a family get-together for the Cedar holiday, Hannah was transported to Poland, 1942. After that, the Nazis came and relocated all the Jews to a concentration camp. During the confiscation of the Jews, each person realizes that life would never be the same again. After arriving, the countless Jews are faced with much suffering and pain. Thousands of Jews are burned, gassed, hung, forced into tedious work, tormented, and killed by…show more content…
This was a really fine written book, showing a great deal of value in remembering the past and the importance of family. And the movie was portrayed extremely accomplished, even though there were alterations that I didn’t appreciate. In my opinion, the book was superior over the movie, describing in depth the suffering and sadness in the camp effectively, which the movie did not, and developing the characters in a suitable way. I would recommend this to anyone who delights in history along with fiction. It contains the reality of the holocaust while including fictional characters and plot lines. Despite the contrast of the movie to the book, they were both influential in the idea of family and
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