The Devil's Miner Film Analysis

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The Devil’s Miner is heartbreaking and heavy direct cinema documentary that can leave the viewer feeling sympathy and pity. But, if approached with the right mindset, the film can also leave the viewer with a message of human strength in the face of adversity. The film presents many themes to call people to action, such as social injustice, and the problems with child labor, but the main theme that resonates throughout the film is that strength can be found even in the darkest of places.
The directors of The Devil’s Miner employ a filming style that allows the people of Potosi to have the loudest voice possible. This form of Direct Cinema documentary is highly effective and contributes to the theme of strength from within. There is no narration, interjections from film crew or directors. Since the viewer gets a direct view into Potosi citizens’ lives, they can connect more effectively and are more able to feel the
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It also shows the process of dangerous mining, and the poor wage the boys receive. The contrast of activities portrayed throughout the film gives the viewer a look into the depth and complexity of human emotion, which only draws the viewer in closer. The style and pacing of scenes shown that contrast both the lows and highs of the people of Potosi’s lives strengthen the message that light can be found even in the darkest places. This theme is important especially in the days that we live in, as many of us feel that the way life is developing grows darker and darker by the years. However, as the darkness grows, light must also grow to combat it. No one should ever forget this simple fact, and should always strive to bring as much light to the world as they possibly can, whether it is by helping those trapped in the mines of Potosi or something much more

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