Summary: The Devil's Tower

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It was said that the Devil was seen frequently around Crook County, Wyoming near the very famous Devil’s Tower in the year 1700’s, but as the years pass by the devil was never seen near that area. It was believed that The Devil’s Tower used to be surrounded by a lush and rich forest. It all starts with a man named William Cornelius Werbenjagermanjensen who lived near Crook County, Wyoming. William was a tall and scrawny man; he was a fair hunter and knew what to do with his surroundings, he barely had food to eat because he was out alone in an area with scarce food. He would eat bugs and rats for breakfast and lunch, and if he was lucky to kill a bird or rabbit he had something for dinner. He lived under a rock overhang and only had buffalo skin for protection from the sun’s heat in the morning and the cold at night. William would hunt for food, sleep, hunt, then sleep again. Day and night that’s all William would do. Once in a while he would stare at the Devil’s Tower wondering and pondering on what is beyond that area.…show more content…
It seemed as if he has eaten every living thing in his area because he could not find bugs, rabbits, or birds anywhere near his area. He was pretty hungry so he decides to make his way towards the Devil’s Tower because it seemed to have a lot of vegetation and plants surrounding the area. He makes his way to the area early in the morning so once he arrives at the Devil’s Tower he will be there by noon. As he makes his way towards the Devil’s Tower he notices how luscious the forest is surrounding the massive rock formation. The forest was colored a dark ever green with colorful flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Everywhere William looked he saw insects, rats, and rabbits. For the first time he hears birds singing their songs and flying around. It was pretty ironic how a place called the Devil’s tower was Heaven for
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