The Dew Breaker Trauma

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Truama Trauma is one of the most terrible things that can happen to a person. The experience of a trauma can completely change someone whether it be for good or for worse, it all depends on the person and how they handle with it. Not everyone is the same with handling traumatic events the effect of it can very from person to person. One person can can benefit from it and other can completely collapse because of the emotional pressure it causes them, in truth it all depends on you. In the novel “The Dew Breaker” by Edwidge Danticat, many of the character go through some type of traumatic event that lead them to wear they are now. More so like Beatrice, as you read her chapter in the novel you realize that she is some of the many people in the book that was left traumatized. She is hunted by the image of the dew breaker that, she had encountered when she lived in haiti. For her, her traumatic event was so great that even now she still relives it after so many years. The traumatic stress that she is under is to much for her to handle even now she is letting the past run her life now in the future. She can't cope with the issues she has so she decided to run away from them. For example she said “This man, wherever i rent or buy a house in this city, i find him living on my street.”( page 132). This show she is so traumatized…show more content…
Unlike Beatrice the pastor did not succumb to insanity like she did. He stayed strong even after what happened to his wife. He could have used the excuse that he was scared to teach the word of god after what they did to his wife but the tragic incident actually made him stronger as a person.”what they didn't realize, or didn't want to acknowledge, was that hed already decided to give up his life , had made a pact with heaven to be sacrificed for this country.”(200). After losing this wife he came up with this idea no matter what they would do he would not bow to
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