The Dexter Show: The Social Deviant Behavior

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The social deviance
After watching multiple television shows, I noticed a connection of deviant behavior portrayed within fictional television. For example, the Dexter show. The Dexter show is about a man that is a blood analyst for the Metrolina police Department. Who has a family, yet is a serial killer at night targeting proper traders that has never been caught for their crimes by the law. For instance, in episode “Hello, Dexter Morgan”. I noticed that Dexter embedded himself in a man name Arthur’s life who is also known as the Trinity killer. The Trinity killer is a murder that target four people that remind him of his family’s deaths every year. While Deba Morgan a detective at Metrolina police and sister of Dexter Morgan try to get the true about who shoot her and her detective boyfriend. Deba realized a connection between the woman shooter has with the suspect murder in her case that she is the Trinity’s
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Dexter focus on criminal taboos to question his victims about their behaviors, while incorporating those answers into his life. He is a serial killer that is mission-oriented. After killing the victims, Dexter uses the tension-reduction function by taking a speck of blood from his victims and releasing victim’s body into the bottom of the ocean. Whereas, Arthur the trinity killer believe that appearances is everything. He does this by becoming more involved in church, community, yet having control over his family. Arthur uses Symbolic interactionism of the sociological theory by using the elements of the social bond. He is a spree and serial murder that use power and control to kill. However, both Dexter and Arthur use violent crimes that are adversaries of killer and victim relationships. That includes using external and internal control of social control mechanisms in the symbolic
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