The Diameter Of The Bomb Poem Analysis

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This poem was an account of the dropping of a bomb in a rural community which conveys a feeling of distraught sadness from not only community members, but also individuals across the world. It provided readers with a clear image of what the bomb looked like, and left them with an understanding of how these heinous acts of terrorism can cause ripples that stretch across the world. The bleak and dark tone that the poet created showed throughout his piece. In this selection, the poet was very successful in his attempt to make an image of the bomb due to his clear description and the mournful account of the people who were directly affected by this tragedy.

The harshness of the poem was incredible, and there were many different examples of
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The words that the poet chose constructed the tone and formed a feeling of sorrow which held strong throughout. The ripples became a typical thing in the poem, and were mentioned many times. The circle of death and mourning widened as the man in the poem began to mourn for the woman who was buried in the city she came from. These acts of terrorism weren’t only felt by the city in which it happened, they were felt all around the world. There is another line in which the poet just blindsides readers, and I didn’t know how to feel after reading it. This line states, #3 “... And I won’t even mention the crying of the orphans, that reaches up to the throne of God…”(13-14). This sequence of lines solidifies the poet 's intentions of making the readers feel something because of this poem. Not only did these lines continue to darken the mood, they also explained how the circle was widened all the way up to God. And the final line of this poem says, “... making a circle with no end and no God.”. This was a powerful line, and I interpreted it as the poet saying that one simple bomb, made ripples all the way up to God himself. This line anchors the poem and continues to makes readers feel for the individuals affected by the bombing, and concludes the poem very
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