The Diamond Necklaces Short Story

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Lainee Hawkins

Mme. Forestier, quite overcome, clasped her by the hands. “ Oh my poor Mathilde. But mine was only paste. Why, at the most it was worth five hundred francs!” Mme. Loisel felt a rush of angry emotion overcome her body. She couldn’t believe her friend Mme. Forestier didn’t tell her it was fake when she first took it. Now she wasted 10 years of her life trying to pay back everyone she borrowed money from to pay for that necklace. Loisel turned around and walked away. There were so many things going through her head. Confused, stunned, angry, sad. She went and found her husband.
“ Mme. Forestier told me that the diamond necklace was a paste!” she cried out to her husband. At first he was confused but he could see the emotion on his wife’s face and he became very angry. He worked extra hard for 10 years to pay back a necklace that was fake. They both left to go home and figure out a plan on how to
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“Please, come in.” Mme. Forestier insisted.
“Thank you.” Mathilde said.
Mme.Forestier had a feeling that Mme. Loisel was at her house to speak about the diamond necklace. While getting tea for her house guests, Mme. forestier realized that she didn 't was to give the necklace back because it was just too beautiful to not keep.
“Mme. Forestier you might know why my husband and I are here.” Mathilde said courageously, “the diamond necklace that you lent me the night of the reception, i lost it and we never found it.” she continued, “ It took my husband and I ten years to repay the debt that the necklace caused us, our lives were horrible, we wore the same clothes, barely have any things in our apartment, and sometimes we only eat one meal a day. “
Mathilde started to cry and couldn 't continue what she was saying so her husband picked up where she left off
“All we 're asking is that you give us back the necklace so that we can sell it and get our money back.” he said, “ we want the last years of our life to be grand since we wasted the last ten paying

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