The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

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Greg Heffley is the main character, as he is also the “author”. Many of the conflicts and situations occur at his house, his walk to school, and his school in Chicago, Illinois. His conflicts are mostly man vs man, man vs self, and man vs society.
His main problem is when his best friend, Rowley, gets a girlfriend. Rowley has stopped hanging out with Greg and instead spent a lot more time with Abigail, his girlfriend. Rowley played a large role in Greg’s life, so he was devastated. Greg changed his actions as a result of not having Rowley. He wasn’t the most popular kid in school, so he had trouble finding a new friend. After all these events occurred, he was ready for spring break. That is, until he hears that his family is coming to town for Easter.
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He hasn’t spent time with Rowley, so that angers him. He needs a friend to be by his side, especially in middle school. Greg feels as if Rowley has betrayed his friendship and trust.
I chose this book because I love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. I do not enjoy reading a lot, but this series is an exception. It definitely met my expectations. I believe kids that are not too fond of reading will find this book less of a pain to read, and more of an adventure. I can relate to this book because I am in middle school as well. I definitely recommend this book because it is funny and relatable. I would rate this book 4.5/5
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