The Diary Of Ana Frank Summary

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El Colegio de Panamá
Book Report
July 7th 2015
“The Diary of Ana Frank”
William Rodríguez
Yila de la Guardia

The life can kick you a lot of times, but you are the one who stand up and continues beating every obstacle you found. This is the story of the suffering of a little family and other persons that were sharing that suffering. This story is narrated by Ana Frank, so that he wrote a diary. That diary contains many stories about her life, the life of her family and the life of the others Jews that were sharing the suffering. Those stories are not beautiful, but will make you take consciousness and reflections. You will know how the life can change so suddenly. You will read about real things that happened to real
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Every event in this story was a fact and makes us think a lot of things about us. Those things can be different because everyone have his or her point of view, but in my opinion those are the things I think we all can make reflections or take consciousness about the story. One of those things is that we have to appreciate what we have because we never know when we are going to lose those things that make us happy. One detail in the story of this reflection is when Ana lose her home because he had to hide, and she had a very good life there. Other reflection we can make is that the human being can do everything to survive while he has an objective, and this happen more when that human being has people he love because their objective would be protect that persons and when you love someone and your objective is to protect her, you will be unstoppable. This thought or reflection I made is from the events in the story where Otto Frank was searching for solutions to problems to get himself and his family safe. Then of those reflections there is one thing we have to take consciousness and is that the persons in the world are bad and we will be in situations where surviving would not be that easy. One example of those situations is war, but the thing I want you to know is that we never have to lose our hope. That is the last thing we have to lose because is the thing that make us continue and give us motivations to live. The…show more content…
Ana was a girl that had a happy life while she had a home. After the Beginning of the second war she, her family and all the Jews began to suffer. The Nazis began to take Jews to the concentration camps. As consequence a card was sent to Margot, Ana Frank’s sister, which was a trap to get her and her family to a concentration camp. After this event the Franks went to the Annex where they hid. The Annex was not the better place to live, but it was something, at least it was better than a concentration camp. In this place live a few of persons who were Jews a par from the Franks. Those persons coexist with each other, though the conflicts like the lack of food or the space they filled. The life of those persons was difficult and they did what they can to survive. Of this events and facts I make reflections and took consciousness. I realized that we have to appreciate what we have because we never know when we are going to lose it, that a person can do everything to survive, especially when he love someone and that we are always in war because the persons are bad, greed and egoist, but we never have to lose our hope and we have to keep fighting no matter what obstacles we
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