The Diary Of Anne Frank And The Holocaust

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The Holocaust is an event that affected a lot of people throughout Europe, especially the Jewish population. This event was a result of the Nazi regime controlled by Adolf which had resulted in World War II. Jews were continuously stripped of their right and deported to concentration camps. The films Life is Beautiful and The Diary of Anne Frank both portray the persecution of Jews in different frames of mind in Europe and the film directors show uprightness on this serious topic concerning the Holocaust and present it in a unique demeanor.

The Diary of Anne Frank is a biographical and historical nonfiction that takes place between 1940 through 1945 mostly in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The story follows the life of Anne Frank, a teenage Jewish girl living during the Holocaust and Nazi regime. Jews during this time were slowly being stripped of their rights. It was acceptable to discriminate against Jews. Then they were not allowed to use any transportation, given curfews, allowed to run business along with many other restrictions all put into actions by the Nuremberg laws. Jews also had to register as being Jewish and were forced to wear the Stars of David so the Nazi’s could be organized in manipulation the Jewish population. Because of this Anne’s family and four others were forced into hiding to escape the treacheries of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. About two years after the everyone went into hiding they were all captured and taken to concentration camps. Anne’s
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