Diary Of Anne Frank: Are People Really Good At Heart?

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In the “Diary of Anne Frank” Anne talks about the “difficult times” that she and her family went through during World War II. Despite these “difficult times”, she felt that “In spite of everything, people are truly good at heart”. From everything that was written in the “The Diary of Anne Frank” it truly shows that despite challenging times, people are generally good at heart.
Throughout this play, people can really see that some people can be mean at times; but they are truly nice people. In the “Diary of Anne Frank” Anne says “I’m trying. Really I am. Every night I think back over all of the things I did that day that were wrong… lie putting the wet mop in Mr. Dussel’s bed… and this thing now with Mother, I say to myself, that was wrong.
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So, the mean Anne comes to the outside and the good Anne stays on the inside, and I keep on trying to switch them around and have the good Anne on the outside and the bad Anne on the inside and what I’d like to be… and might be… if only…only…” This was displayed on multiple occasions throughout the play, but a true example of this took place in Act 1 Scene 4. Anne wakes up in the middle of the night from a nightmare about her being taken away by Nazi soldiers. Mrs. Frank goes in to console her; but Anne rejects it. She then asks to see her father (Mr. Frank); which ends up in Anne crying on her father’s shoulder and telling her dad how she feels like a horrible person; but is trying to develop into a good person. In the “Diary of Anne Frank” there is a conversation between Mrs.Frank,Mr.Frank and Mr.Van Daan and Mrs. Frank says, “Get Out of Here” Mr. Van Daan says “What do you Mean”, Mrs. Frank replies “Exactly that!”. Mr. Frank then chimes in and says, “For two long years we have lived here side by side. We have respected each other’s rights… we have managed to in peace. Are we now going to throw it away? I know this will not happen again, will it, Mr. Van Daan? Mr. Van Daan replies with No. No. Then
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