The Diary Of Anne Frank

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The Holocaust was a time in which millions of people were persecuted and mistreated: people banned together and stood up against prejudice and discrimination by actively and passively opposing the Germans. Citizens that actively resisted used violence and force to directly attacked the Nazis in attempt to save their life. Those that prefered, prepared to resist passively by not using physical brutality, but instead continued their daily lives out of the sight of the Nazis. In “The Diary of Anne Frank,” we see how Meip, a Dutch Citizen resisted the Germans passively, by hiding the Frank family and four other Jewish families in a secret annex above Anne’s father 's business premise during World War Two. They resisted without risking anybody’s life, yet still maintained their Jewish culture and beliefs. During the Holocaust citizens could best respond to conflict by passively resisting so they could celebrate the holidays of their culture, create art that reflected their beliefs, and preserving their culture, way of life, and identity. Jewish citizens used passive resistance to celebrate the holidays of their culture. For instance, when the Frank family celebrated Hanukkah, they were practicing their religion, despite was the orders of the Nazi’s and the threats of torture and execution: “It is the first night of the Hanukkah celebration [Mr. Frank reading from a prayer book] (pg 314 paragraph 2320 & 2330). The Franks were very courageous to be able to withstand the
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