The Diary Of Daksha's Diary In Noor Jehan

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The play throws light on the bitter moments of the previous experiences of communal tension. Daksha’s first entry in her diary begins as follows “Dear diary. today is the first time I have dared to put my thoughts on your pages . . .” (CP165) “I am sharing my innermost thoughts with you. Nobody else knows what I think or how I feel, except now - you . . .” (CP166). The diary contains happy and sad news. It also brings out the narrator’s distressing situation. Daksha: “All my dreams have been shattered . . . I can never be a singer, like Noor Jehan. Hari’s family is against my singing film songs” (CP166). It also recalls a festive moment of history. “But there is so much happening in the world that may be it isn’t fair to trouble you with my sadness” (CP166). Therefore, the diary explicitly reveals the mixed feelings of India’s long-cherished freedom and the conflicts between the two religious sections.
The fourth part of diary is typical representation of the neighbourhood. The scathing effects of the riots on a Muslim family and a heartless indifference of a Hindu family is revealed. The friendship of two persons belonging to different communities, irrespective of race, culture and religion is highlighted. The next diary entry throws light on the inherited anger that one bears in the sub-conscious level. It proves that anger can be exploded at the trigger of a moment. It fervently marks that manly quality is cut off from a person’s character in desperate situations. Man
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