The Difference Between Beliefs, Values And Religion

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Introduction to social sciences
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What is the difference between beliefs, values, norms and religion?

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1.0 Introduction 3
1.1 Beliefs 3
1.1.2. The source of beliefs 3
1.2 Religion 6
1.3 Values 7
1.3.1 Characteristics of Values 7
1.3.2 The importance of values in the society world 8
1.4 Norms 9
1.4.1 Types of norms 10
1.5 Conclusion 10
Bibliography 12

1.0 Introduction Before talking about the differences between these cultural items, we are to give a brief about culture. As Kipuri (2009) stated, culture is a set of beliefs, norms, values and religion that people in a society share, and these cultural items are transferred from generation to generation through communication. It is believed that each society has its own culture that the members agreed on. We attempt to dwell on these qualities separately and focus on differences between them.
1.1 Beliefs
As it is known the people use their beliefs and values to guide their actions and their behaviors based on these values and beliefs. Beliefs are the convictions that we hold ourselves and think that they are true even without evidences or proofs. It is though that beliefs are related to religion or it is a part of a person’s religion. It is well known that there are three main religions in the land we live on; Islam, Christianity and Jewish.

As for the people who believe

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