The Difference Between English And British And American English

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America and British might use the same language which is English language but their English is different. American-English and British-English are different from their dialect which specifically divided to grammar, pronunciation, spelling, and vocabulary. Those differences might happen because of their vast distance. Those differences will be explained clearly in this discussion chapter.
1. Grammar
The differences of the American-English and British-English in grammar are divided into three part which are differences with verbs, differences with pronoun and differences with the preposition. The differences of the verb in American-English and British-English shows that they have different usage of verb. Peter Strevens stated in his book British and American English that “In both British and American English, the verbs to have and to get are among the most frequent, especially speech. As a result, differences in usage in these verbs make up a high proportion of the differences actually encountered. The American usage over gotten is changing, so is British usage over have got”(1972).
The differences in pronoun was explained in a book titled an introduction to language by Victoria Formkin and Robert Rodman’s which stated “In a number of American dialects the pronoun I occurs when me would be in British English and in British English a grammar permits the deletion of the pronoun in the sentence I could have done it to form I could have done, which is not permitted in American

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