The Difference Between Helen Keller And Frank Mccourt

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The world is full of challenges, obstacles, and difficulties. The human being is created in order to tolerate these difficulties, and overcome their obstacles. However, some people who have a weak personality cannot endure the difficulties of life, and even they do not attempt to deal with these challenges. On the other hand, the people whose personality is very strong, and who can hold on the life always make efforts to find a way through barriers in their life. They try to seek an opportunity in their obstacles. According to J. Sidlow Baxter, “The difference between an obstacle and an opportunity is our attitude towards it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.” Helen Keller and Frank McCourt can be shown as the best examples. Almost all people know about them because they could overcome their hardships, and they give both psychological and emotional support to the handicapped people. Though Helen Keller and Frank McCourt have different family…show more content…
While Helen Keller suffered from vision and hearing problems, Frank McCourt did not have any physical disability. Helen Keller lost her eyesight and hearing when she was one year old. As a result, she did not have any opportunity to hear the sounds and see the world. Despite her serious disability, Helen Keller could break down her difficulties. Thus, she became a world-known speaker and author. Unlike Helen Keller, Frank McCourt’s obstacle was his background. He always felt ashamed to talk about his past. He was afraid that people will prejudice him because of his unwelcome background. However, he could defeat his obstacle, because he had a good sense of humor. When people asked about his childhood, he attempted to talk in a humorous way about the poverty and the challenges that he faced. Though his life was full of misery, he always smiled and managed to break through barriers in his

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