The Difference Between High School And College Level Writing

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Writing is a necessary skill that people have been using for centuries. Almost every career, whether that career is based on a high school diploma or a college degree, involves the ability to read and write. Most people have to write on a daily basis. Without the important development of writing, our society would have no literature, music, movies, theater, or written history. Writing is an extremely important skill. One’s ability to write develops through time and it is a common debate between scholars and students as to whether there is a difference between college and high school-level writing. From the perspective of many high school students, their writing is effective when explaining their arguments with college tier potential. However, many scholars, college graduates, and current college students disagree with the concept that high school students can reach the necessities of a college-level paper while still a high school student. High school and college-level writing do have some definitive differences, which can be separated into three main categories; these categories include the amount of time spent on a paper, the development or depth of the issue(s) in said paper, and the level of grammar and vocabulary used to complete the paper.
In order to attain the quality content expected in a college level paper, one must be committed to expend the time necessary to complete the project. As a high school writer, I have often times thrown a paper together

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