The Difference Between Martin Luther King Jr And Malcolm X

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Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were two influential men who served as important figures for the Civil Rights Movement. The two men came from diverse backgrounds and had contrasting views in life about religion and African American’s stance in society. Malcolm X was born in Nebraska and had great amounts of exposure to racism. Martin Luther King was born in an educated family in Atlanta, where he experienced racism, but to a lower extreme than Malcolm X. Although they passed away long time ago, they continue to live on today in a world independent of segregation. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X used opposing principles to achieve equality for blacks; King utilized integration of both races and nonviolence as opposed to Malcolm X who separated the same races and employed non violence so as to achieve the same goal. Martin Luther King Jr. was the leader of peaceful protests and nonviolence for the segregation among blacks and whites while Malcolm X wanted to gain justice through any possible way even if it required violence. The Montgomery Bus Boycott made King a more prominent leader…show more content…
However, the action should be taken without nonviolence and with peaceful protest. Dr. King’s nonviolent tactic was a success as it bridged the gap between the colored and white people. Malcolm X was renown for his act of self defense throughout the Civil Rights Movement. His main goal was to prove how whites did not treat black people as human beings. However, through Malcolm X’s several tactics, Martin Luther King’s movement was made more impactful and successful. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were both important and impactful leaders during the Civil Rights Movement who made a change for black people in the nation today. Due to the efforts of both leaders, the nation today consists free of
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